Admission Scheme for Contemporary China Workshop for Senior Travel Managerial Staff of Nations along Maritime Silk Road

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The maritime Silk Road has seen free trade and good friendship between the east and the west for over 2,000 years. With the development of the economy in China and its cultural exchange with the world, more and more Chinese enjoy traveling abroad on holiday, and nations along maritime Silk Road have become their top choice. However, language barrier and cultural conflicts are great difficulties that Chinese tourists have met in their journey. These problems have become important factors that Chinese have to consider in choosing their tourist destination.

Our workshop aims at improving Chinese proficiency and professional skills of senior managerial staff from nations along maritime Silk Road, which attract more Chinese to go sightseeing or invest in, and helping managerial staff learn China and Chinese better to promote cultural and tourism communication between China and these countries.

We sincerely welcome you to join us here at the Contemporary China Workshop and enjoy your stay here!  

I. Eligibility

All applicants should be

1. Citizens from nations along maritime Silk Road such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Cambodia, etc.

2. Managerial staff, who work as hotel managers, tourist bureau officials, Exit-Entry administration officials, police officers, tourist guides, etc.

3. In good Physical and mental condition, well performed both academically and behaviorally.

4. Within the ages from18 to 60.

5. Recommended by relevant departments.Include Chinese embassies and consulates in local areas/local tourism management departments/operators, etc.

II. Courses features

1. About 20 persons per session.

2. Main courses

Course name

Course description



You will learn how to communicate in daily life, including greetings, shopping, food and traffic, etc. to enable you to communicate easier in daily life in Chinese.



You will learn specialized Chinese related to your job, including core words and expressions, top issues, case study, etc. to enable you to grasp Chinese for special purposes and improve your professional competence.



We will arrange field trip to the related business and meetings to communicate with the managerial personnel face to face.



You will not only learn Chinese folk cultures like food culture, manners and customs, etc. but also experience the tea ceremony, which will enable you to obtain a better understanding of Chinese culture and society.



You will learn the latest development of China, especially the application of new technology in the daily life of Chinese like mobile payment, bike sharing, online shopping, etc. What’s more, you can enjoy these high-tech products by yourself and experience different types of city life.

3. Study time Registration deadline: 10 days before each session

            (1)Hotel managers Program:  May. 29th—Jun.12th 2018

            (2)Tourist guides Program:  Jul. 5th—19th 2018

            (3)Tourist bureau officials Program: Oct. 9th—23rd 2018

            (4)Exit-Entry administration officials and police officers Program:Dec. 12th —26th 2018

4. Study location

            College of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan University, Guangzhou 

III. Fees

            1. The training, accommodation, cultural activities and field trip in Guangzhou are arranged and paid by College of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan University .

            2. Other fees for flight tickets, visa, early check-in or late departure and so on need to be paid by the participants themselves. 

IV. Accommodation

           The participant will take a single room. Each room is equipped with TV, telephone and computer network. 

V. The methods of application and contact persons

      Fill in the application form and sent it with a scanned version of the passport to Email:  Or  Fax: 862087206598

     Contact persons: Mr. Guo, Mrs. Zhang

      Tel: 862087205925

           Address:No. 377 East Guangyuan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. 510610

Application Form 


Applying program

Hotel Manager Program: May. 29th–Jun.12th 2018

Tourist Guide Program: Jul. 5th-19th 2018

Tourist Bureau Official Program: Oct. 9th-23rd 2018

Exit-Entry Administration Official and Police Officer Program:

Dec. 12th-26th 2018

 Family name

Given name


Date of birth

Yr.    /Mo.  /Date


Passport No.



Employer affiliated

Mailing address

Mobile phone


Dietary requirements

Muslim food  




Flight No.

Time of arrival

          Min.       / Hr.        /Mo.       /Date    

Whether to pick up









Recommended by___________________(NAME and TITILE)


Date ____________

Class schedule 








1st Day

Opening ceremony

2nd Day

Daily Chinese

Professional Chinese

Language Practice

3rd Day

Daily Chinese

Professional Chinese

Language Practice

4th Day

Daily Chinese

Professional Chinese

Language Practice

5th Day

Lecture about Contemporary China9:00--11:30)

Cultural Activity

6th Day

Field Trip

7th Day

Lecture about Cross Culture (9:00--11:30)

8th Day

Daily Chinese

Professional Chinese

Language Practice

9th Day

Daily Chinese

Professional Chinese

Language Practice

10th Day

Field Trip

11th Day

Daily Chinese

Professional Chinese

Language Practice

12th Day

Daily Chinese

Professional Chinese

Language Practice

13th Day

Lecture about Chinese Traditional Culture9:00--11:30)

Chinese Tea Art

14th Day

Closing Ceremony

15th Day

Departing from Guangzhou


*The itinerary will be adjusted according to actual conditions.

附件:报名表&日程表(Application Form & Class Schedule).docx