Admission & Registration Notice for Non-degree Program for International Students Autumn2019

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I Application

1) Step 1:Submit the following documents to the admissions office or send them via e-mail to

i. One copy of a filled  Application Form of the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University. Application form can be downloaded from our website: can also be filled in online at

ii. One copy of Passport.

2) Step 2: Pay enrollment fee. Applicants may pay it upon arrival at campus for registration or remit the fee via bank account. The application fee is not refundable.

IIApplication Date: Applications are accepted all year round. The recommended application period is from Apr.1st, 2019 to Jul.12nd, 2019. 

. Registration and Fee Remittance on arrival

Students shall register on Aug.22nd and Aug.23rd, 2019 in person. Please present Admission Notice, passport, 1 copy of passport with information page and valid visa page to the Admission officers, and pay all fees upon registration.

IVStudy period for the new semester     Aug.22nd , 2019 to Jan.11st, 2020.

VEnrollment and Visa Application

After the application of a student is received, if eligible, an admissions notice will be issued and sent to the student before the end of July. Students should apply for Student’s visa (“X” visa) to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country with the documents we send to you and other documents required by the embassy. The students should change the student visa to a residence permit within thirty days after your arrival in China.    

Some students may need a "Visa Application Form for Study in China" (JW202) when they apply for a student visa. We will send the JW202 form to these students, but they should make sure to apply for this form 2 months earlier, for it takes at least 2 months for approval. If the materials are not completed, the application will not be accepted and it will not be accepted during summer vacation.

Foreign students under the age of 18 should be under the custody of a guardian who must be a local resident of Guangdong Province. Notarized certification of the guardianship must be submitted. For more details, please refer to Guide to Notarized Certification for International Students under the Age of 18”.

Students who have a valid residential permit and who wish to transfer to CCLC from other Chinese schools should ask for a transfer letter, graduation letter, transcripts and attendance records with an attendance rate of above 80% (students who study bachelors degree or higher should provide degree certificate or study letter) from their former school so the college can help them to extend their residential permit upon arrival.

VI Medical Examination

Medical examination in Guangdong International Travel Health Care Center will be arranged for freshmen after registration. Unqualified students will be rejected. Students who have had medical examinations in other countries should bring the original documents, which will be validated after being authenticated by the Guangdong International Travel Health Care Center.


According to the “Provisional Regulations for Compulsory International Student Insurance at Higher Institutions of Learning” issued by the Education Ministry of the P.R China, international students in China must buy a group comprehensive insurance sold in mainland China (including Free of Particular Average, Personal Accident Insurance, Hospitalization Medical Insurance). The insurance should be bought upon registration. Otherwise, the registration will be rejected.

VIIIAccommodation Reservation and Pick-up Service

Free pickup service at Guangzhou International Airport is arranged for freshmen during registration days (10:00am——08:00pm).If its not within the period of registration time, fee for pickup service will be chargedabout 400 Yuan.Students can choose to go to the college on their own: 1) By taking the airport shuttle to Zhongxin Square and then by taxi go to our college. Taking a taxi costs about 15 yuan. 2) Taking a taxi at the airport directly to our college costs about 130 yuan RMB.3) Taking subway Line 3 to Guangzhou East Railway Station. After getting off, you should get out from Exit J and cross the pedestrian overpass, and go east for about 500 meters to get to our college.4) If you take Bus 89, Bus 54, Bus B11, get off at Stop Chunhuiyuan; if you take Bus 560, Bus 298, Bus 60, Bus 39, get off at Stop Sougouling; if you take Bus 138, Bus 27, get off at Stop Jiuzhou Wenhua Guangchang. Walk from the above stops to our college takes about 1-3 minutes. 

Students who need the pickup service please contact the Admissions Office .Contact phone: 8620-87205925. FAX: 86-20-87206598 E-MAIL:

Accommodation is limited, first come first served.

IXFees          Currency: RMB

i. Application Fee500 Yuan; 350 Yuan for Short-term Course; 200 Yuan for Elite Program of Business Chinese.

ii. Tuition

1Rudimentary, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Language ClassCrash Chinese CourseBusiness Chinese 8850 Yuan /semester.  2Short-term Chinese class800 Yuan/ per week.  3Elite Program of Business Chinese: 11850 Yuan /semester.

iii.Dormitory Fees



Fee (RMB)


Zhong’ai Building

and Xinyi Building

Single Room


Each room has its own bathroom with hot water, air conditioner and internet connection and there are furnitures like single bed, wardrobe, and study table with chair inside. Inside building there are washing machines. Seperated balconies are arranged in double rooms and shared balconies are in every floor for single rooms.

Du’xing Building and Jing’shen Building

Double Room


Note: 1. Deposit600Yuan.Every resident is to pay RMB 600yuan as a cash pledge when moving in. Beddings are not provided.

2. Please submit your 1 inch photo and 1 copy of passport to our dormitory receptionist.

3. A certain amount of electricity allowance is provided monthly, but residents must pay for any additional usage. The free electricity allowance covers 100 units (kwh) for single room, 50 units (kwh) for double room.

iv. Miscellaneous Fees

Total about 1400 Yuan RMB. Charged according to actual cost including the fees of medical examination, prophylactic inoculation for hepatitis type A  B, Visa, Campus IC Card, international student’s comprehensive insurance, residential permit, text books, etc.

The college charges in RMB. All fees must be paid by cash or Union pay cards. Overseas bank cards or other kinds of cards cannot be used. All fees above must be paid upon registration. None of the fees above are refundable if the students quit from school for their personal reasons after registration.

X. Guidance for Remittance of Fees


BENEFICIARYCollege of Chinese Language & Culture, Jinan University


Note: In column of Note, please fill in Chinese name and other ID information of the sender.  

. About Other Programs in the College

The college has Chinese Linguistics’ doctoral and master degree programs. In addition, we have Chinese Language undergraduate program, Overseas Chinese Education undergraduate program, distance education (correspondence), pre-university education and other short-term Chinese training Classes, Teacher’s Training Courses, etc. The relevant admission prospectuses for further information are on request.

 Application Form

Guide to Notarized Certification for International Students under the Age of 18